About Us


Alliance Pointe is a strategic administrative and general management consulting firm dedicated to providing enterprise Risk Management, Governance, Program Management, Organizational Change and Business Transformation services for large-scale, federal government organizations.

Each of these services in their own right can make a significant difference when properly designed and implemented, however, when integrated in the right way and implemented at the right time, they can serve to ignite results for your organization.

We are not just another consulting firm. What makes us different is our ability to identify and understand the challenges your organization may face so that, in collaboration with you, we can develop, integrate and implement the plans that deliver measurable, sustainable results for your organization.

While we may appear to be a small company in size, we truly have the experience, certifications, expertise and savvy that many larger companies claim to have. We have served as both a prime contractor and sub-contractor. Our hiring, operations, financial management and security practices position us to find and keep team members with the level of integrity, experience and skills needed to become your trusted advisors and to deliver the quality enterprise services requested.