Our Work


Business and IT strategy are interdependent and must be aligned in order to achieve your intended business outcomes. We understand how to assess and prepare your organization to achieve strategic alignment that delivers stakeholder commitment and business results.

Enterprise Governance

The leadership, processes and structures needed to ensure alignment of the business and IT strategies, implementation and delivery of IT products and services, and the achievement of the targeted return on investment.

Risk Management

A best practice framework for capturing and managing the risk associated with enterprise IT management and transformation. The framework provides for decision-making that is well informed and creates the alignment needed to manage enterprise-wide risk.

IT Portfolio & Return on Investment Management

An enterprise-wide view of your IT project portfolio. Our services position you to proactively maintain alignment with the business strategy and regulatory requirements, eliminate redundant projects, manage the return on your organization’s IT investment, and better plan your resources.


ERPs are different. While most technology deployments require some attention be paid to communications, training and organizational change management, ERP system deployments require much more than that. ERP systems change an organization’s business processes which, whether formal or informal, are the very core of how an organization operates. ERP business processes inherent in the COTS solution cut across all functions within an enterprise and also change the working relationships between an organization, its stakeholders and service suppliers. These changes also affect all layers of the organization differently, and therefore specific attention must be paid to the impact on each.

An Alliance Pointe core competency is preparing large-scale, federal organizations for the organizational and operational changes that come with an ERP system deployment.

Business Process Documentation

Gather, document, review and analyze any existing business process artifacts with the organization’s business operations subject matter experts (SMEs). Note any impacts to current operations and capture additional functionality for consideration and future development.

Stakeholder Impact Analysis

Identify, analyze and document the known impacts on each organization, service provider and/or stakeholder based on input received from the business operations SMEs. Share analysis and findings with key organizational and stakeholder leadership during an interview process that also captures impacts from the senior management and executive point of view.

Deployment Planning & Implementation Services

Identify, plan, design, develop and implement the specific initiatives and activities needed to motivate and call to action each layer of the organization. Initiatives and activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Training
  • Communications
  • ERP deployment governance
  • Changes to organizational roles, responsibilities and structure
  • Documentation and management of all operational business process changes (vs. legacy practices)
  • Operational performance measures needed to navigate the organization’s performance to the target end state

Based on the findings captured in the Stakeholder Impact Analysis, we will draw upon our expertise gained from numerous ERP deployments in the federal government (military and civilian) and commercial sectors to develop, implement and manage plans to prepare your organization and its stakeholders for the changes driven by an ERP system.

Sustainment Planning & Implementation Services

The end of the deployment is only the beginning of realizing the business benefits of your ERP system investment. Alliance Pointe’s expertise with ERP system deployments in all phases of the program lifecycle will be used to prepare your program team and organization for the sustainment and continuous improvement of business process operations required to receive your return on investment. We will:

  • Design, develop and stand up the Sustainment Organization Team structure, roles, responsibilities, staffing requirements needed to support the continuous improvement of your organization’s operational business processes, sustain and improve the system functionality and infrastructure.
  • Design, develop, implement and manage the governance process needed to stabilize and continuously improve the system and operational business processes.
  • Develop, document and support the negotiation of Service Level Agreements with your service provider organizations.
  • Develop and manage the compliance requirements (legislative, congressional and oversight body) and audit findings to ensure your organization is always prepared to proactively address any findings.


The path to success looks different for every organization. We will work with you to develop your organization’s roadmap to success and implement it with you every step of the way.

Organizational Readiness Assessments

An analysis of the gaps between your organization’s current and future state structures, business processes, policies and procedures, staffing levels, competencies, management practices, measures and culture. The gaps discovered will be used to develop the findings and targeted recommendations needed for commitment to action and results.

Organizational Change Strategies and Plans

The plans needed to align and engage all layers of the organization and its stakeholders to prepare for the future state. Strategy and plans will:

  • Ensure that the right organizational structures, business processes, policies and procedures, staffing levels, competencies, management practices and measures are in place to create the culture needed to realize the targeted results.
  • Accelerate your organization’s understanding commitment and readiness to moving toward the future state and delivering the targeted business results.
  • Prepare your organization and its stakeholders for the new processes, practices and skills needed for success in the future.
  • Position your organization for sustainable change and transformation.

Business Process Change

Preparing your organization for the future includes an examination of your current business and management processes to ensure they support your intended business results. We can work with you to determine the right degree of business process change required and to prepare your organization to achieve the targeted results.


Achieving your organization’s mission requires the ability to persistently manage the tasks, resources, risks, transformation and change throughout implementation. Success depends on the ability to collaboratively and proactively:

  • Identify, manage and minimize risk
  • Prioritize, coordinate and manage your project portfolio
  • Engage stakeholders to sustain alignment and manage change
  • Manage the team and resources needed to deliver business results
  • Develop and manage integrated program schedules and teams
  • Provide earned value management (EVM) to ensure sound planning and resourcing

We bring the certifications, experience and industry best practice frameworks needed to manage the program, projects and teams as well as each discrete project’s scope, schedule, budget to deliver the alignment, commitment and focus required for your success.


Our independent review and feedback on your organization’s current strategy, plans and practices can identify improvements that reduce the risk and cost associated with enterprise governance, transformation and change.

We provide IV&V services in the areas of:
  • Program/Project Management
  • Enterprise IT Policy & Planning
  • Transformation and Organizational Change Management
  • Procurement and Acquisition Programs
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Compliance with Federal Regulations
  • Post Implementation Review (PIR)


We provide Administrative services in the areas of:
  • Administrative Support Services
  • Meeting Planning & Facilitation
  • Meeting Management & Minutes
  • Briefing Materials & Handouts


Whether looking for compliance with best practices, legislation, or congressional mandates, our team has the expertise needed to identify best practice improvements or compliance gaps. We specialize in audit and compliance services in the following areas:

  • DoD 5000 Series Acquisition Management Guidelines
  • DoD Financial Management Compliance and Audit Readiness
  • DODIG Audits
  • AAA Audits
  • GAO Audits
  • Requirements Management
  • Program Management