Strategic Services


Business, operational and information technology (IT) strategy are interdependent and must be aligned in order to achieve your intended mission and business outcomes.  We understand how to assess, engage and prepare your organization for changes to its mission, governance and management, operational and business practices to meet new funding, legislative, statutory, regulatory and stakeholder requirements.

IT Portfolio & Return on Investment Management

An enterprise-wide view of your IT project portfolio. Our services position you to proactively maintain alignment with the business strategy and regulatory requirements, eliminate redundant projects, manage the return on your organization’s IT investment, and better plan your resources.

Strategic Planning & Implementation: 

We will work with you to develop an enterprise plan and implementation roadmap to guide your organization through changes in the mission, funding, statutory and regulatory compliance environment.  The strategic plan, collaboratively built with you, will address the what and why.  The implementation roadmap will address the who, where, when and how along with ways to track, monitor and adjust organizational performance and adapt to accommodate changes in your strategic environment.

Performance Measures and Dashboards

Effective strategic implementation relies on effective governance and management practices that are informed by credible data.  Our approach to performance measures and dashboards both (1) collaboratively involves your leaders, managers and stakeholders to develop and learn how to manage using key performance indicators (KPIs), and (2) provide your governance and management teams with the credible information needed to evaluate how effectively your objectives and goals are being addressed.

Strategic Communications

Implementation is difficult because success depends to some degree on behavior change on the part of many.  Igniting a change in behavior begins with clear, consistent and relevant information about the what and why of change, followed by the whowherewhen and how for each affected stakeholder.  Our strategic communications plans and products prepare your leaders, managers, subject matter experts and stakeholders to play their part in achieving your organization’s mission.

Knowledge Management

The fact that “Knowledge is Power” is well understood, however, how to make knowledge available to unleash the power in your organization is not.  Our proven approach to keeping your information available, credible and current as well as placing your subject matter experts front and center as a resource in your organization is a powerful multiplier that will ignite results for you.

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is a continual process used to align the needs and priorities of the organization with the capabilities of your workforce.  It is a critical component to help you meet your mission, legislative, regulatory requirements and organizational objectives.  In collaboration with you, we will work to identify both the strategic (e.g. future talent needs, forecast of potential knowledge drain) and operational changes (e.g. shift in staffing levels and positions, new and changing position descriptions) that will affect your workforce so that you can be positioned to leverage it as an enabler to achieve your mission requirements.