Transformation & OCM


The path to success looks different for every organization. We will work with you to develop your organization’s roadmap to success and implement it with you every step of the way.

Organizational Readiness Assessments

An analysis of the gaps between your organization’s current and future state structures, business processes, policies and procedures, staffing levels, competencies, management practices, measures and culture. The gaps discovered will be used to develop the findings and targeted recommendations needed for commitment to action and results.

Organizational Change Strategies and Plans

The plans needed to align and engage all layers of the organization and its stakeholders to prepare for the future state. Strategy and plans will:

  • Ensure that the right organizational structures, business processes, policies and procedures, staffing levels, competencies, management practices and measures are in place to create the culture needed to realize the targeted results.
  • Accelerate your organization’s understanding commitment and readiness to moving toward the future state and delivering the targeted business results.
  • Prepare your organization and its stakeholders for the new processes, practices and skills needed for success in the future.
  • Position your organization for sustainable change and transformation.

Business Process Change

Preparing your organization for the future includes an examination of your current business and management processes to ensure they support your intended business results. We can work with you to determine the right degree of business process change required and to prepare your organization to achieve the targeted results.

Professional & Management Training and Development

A blueprint for personal and team success is needed to ensure your managers and teams understand the competencies that are required for future success.  We will work with your team to (1) blueprint the starting point for your organization’s competencies that is based on your strategic plan, (2) inform it with a roadmap and milestones that will identify the critical competencies to be developed and/or improved first, (3) the practices needed to continuously grow and improve the competencies important to your organization, and (4) ensure that the needed training and professional development programs are identified and in place to realize your mission.